Co-Editor-in-Chief - Mianrun Chen's - Global Journal of Marine Science

Co-Editor-in-Chief - Global Journal of Marine Science

Youji Wang

Mianrun Chen's academic experience has given me a thorough grounding in the field of plankton ecology, especially in zooplankton. My main focus in the recent 10 years has been the distribution patterns of plankton, ecological significance of zooplankton feeding, trophic cascades among marine food webs. I am familiar with zooplankton sampling, identification, sorting and conducting experiments for zooplankton feeding and egg productions. Based these skills, I like to conduct experiments to reveal the phenomenon of trophic cascades induced by mesozooplankton omnivory. Meanwhile, I have applied or will apply grants studying the interactions among plankton dynamics and environmental hot spots like carbon flux, eutrophication, global warming, etc. I maintained a high level of achievement throughout my academic studies in my field and I have a record of 17 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. Recently, I have developed a great interest in the area of ecosystem-based marine management since 2012. Primarily, I am working for management decision about planning of marine protected area, marine parks, ecological red line, ecological civilization construction, etc.

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