Editor-in-Chief - Tomoshige Matsumoto - Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapeutics

Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapeutics

Tomoshige Matsumot

Tomoshige Matsumoto is a physician, and the Director of the Department of Clinical Diagnositc Laboratory at Osaka Anti-Tuberculosis Association Osaka Hospital, Japan. He is as well Advisor for molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis and especially tuberculosis infection under biologics therapy. His education and career have been made in Osaka, Japan. He at first engaged a molecular cloning and characterization of SOCS-1/SSI-1/CIS, negative feed back regulator of cytokin signaling in cells, under the excellent teaching of Dr. Tetsuji Naka and Dr. Tadamitsu Kishimoto. They proposed the existance of negative feed back regulation system in cells (nature) and characterized the SOCS-1 (pnas). Then, his career has been a clinical application of cytokine signaling for various diseases. He has engaged in developing anti-IL6 receptor therapy, biologic therapy, for castleman disease(blood) and rheumatoid arthritis, which is now available as actemura(R). Then his career has been shifted to the infection therapies especially tuberculosis under the biologics. He has firstly showed a successful anti-TNF treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in a patient with tuberculosis(NEJM). He experienced more than 20 anti-TNF therapies in patients with tuberculosis.

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